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SIV secure access application


  • The ecological commitments of companies, dictated by economic, social or environmental issues, push them to green the transport of goods.


Companies lack information on the technical characteristics of vehicle fleets and do not have access to the SIV file (vehicle registration system) managed by the Ministry of the Interior and which can be consulted upon authorisation.

Added values

  • Easy and affordable access to the technical characteristics of a fleet of vehicles.


  • Chargers

  • Commissionaires

  • Transport companies



  • Provide companies with the technical sheet of a vehicle (energy, CO2 emissions rate, category, Crit'Air, weight, power, engine) associated with its license plate.

    AI Cargo Foundation has a license for statistical exploitation of the SIV file and has access to this data.


    Contact us.

    The service has been available since April 2022.


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