The Hub France AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) actors represent a significant number in France: beyond their counting, and the organization of punctual events, the founders and members of the Hub France IA are convinced of the need to create an operating system of the AI ecosystem in France and Europe .  

A tool to create a framework of trust, facilitate exchanges, provide strong leadership and animate the community. The actions of the Hub France IA give energy, cohesion, and build the necessary dynamics for the development, adoption of new products and services based on AI technologies in addition to the resulting uses. Hub France IA give also voice for the global influence of the French AI community. 


In this way, Hub France IA uses Artificial Intelligence to strengthen and improve the French economy. The association has 17 French and 23 European partners impacting various fields ranging from banking (BPI France) to transport & logistics (AI Cargo Foundation, Capgemini).



AI Cargo Foundation

AI Cargo Foundation is independent association under the law of 1901 financed by the French government and private companies, derived from the HUB France IA. The association aims to improve the efficiency of transport chains, to promote the adoption of new digital uses DATA and IA and mostly for the energy transition.  


With the support of the Transport Innovation Agency (TIA) of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, AI Cargo Foundation works with actors and professional organizations in the sector to raise awareness and bring together skills for the purpose of animate the digital environment of innovation at the service of the ecological transition. AI Cargo Foundation develops collaborative applications to decarbonize transport chains and relies on a DATA-IA data exchange platform.  

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This project was supported by the Future Investments Program

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